For our espresso we aim to highlight the inherent sweetness and developed fruit of our single origins while providing structure with a heavier-toned and full-bodied coffee. As we are continually sampling and buying new single estate coffees, our espresso changes according to the crop season and flavour profiles. Please check the details below for the coffees we are using for espresso.


Toasted almonds with smooth body and balanced fruity acidity

We currently use Fazenda Santa Inês (Brasil) as the base of the espresso, adding Lo Mejor de Nariño (Colombia) for high notes and complexity, and Finca Capetillo (Guatemala) for cocoa notes.


Organic Certification GB-ORG-04

Full and sweet with fruity length and cocoa aftertaste

Our organic espresso is a combination of our certified coffees from Kaffa Forest (Ethiopia), Granja La Esperanza (Colombia) and Finca de Cuchi Gonzalez (Bolivia).

Espresso Pouring