December 2021

Oh yes! Here we are! Christmas is here and we have all the good things out on the counters, online and in our shops. Panettone and chocolate are both in, coffees are tasting awesome, and it is good times all round.

The counter has taken its Christmas shape, and back by popular demand is the traditional mini round up for those of you in a hurry.

We start with your writer’s all time favourite coffee – Malacara A (El Salvador). This is the you-can’t-go-wrong-option. Need something that everyone will enjoy at this year’s great big Christmas? This is it, perfectly balanced, the original crowd-pleaser. We could end the list right here and all would be well.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous – try a new favourite for us, La Idolia (Guatemala). The fruit and fresh acidity in this coffee will make a good counter-point to the big, festive fry-up you have planned for breakfast.

Or maybe you’ve got your eyes on a private slice of panettone? Maybe before the kids wake up or before the dog needs a walk, you’ve got plans that include you, panettone and a piece of dark chocolate. Add Tessema Edima (Ethiopia) to the mix – this is right class, and you totally deserve it.

Or perhaps there is the hot Christmas Eve date you’re hoping to wake up with on Christmas Day – we’ve got you covered. Show your coffee creds and bring out the natural process, Java varietal, new season La Linda (Bolivia). It’s funky, freshly landed and in limited supply.

Now for those of you who just want to be wrapped up in a caffeinated cuddle, take home the Fazenda do Sertão (Brazil). Cocoa, Brazil nuts, heavy body, low acidity. Enough said.

You’ll find all of these coffees in our shops and online. The La Linda will land in the first week or so of December so if that’s your best choice stay alert and stay nimble. There is a slim chance the Fazenda do Sertão will run out before Christmas but don’t worry, perennial favourite Fazenda Alta Vista is lined up and ready to go.

Along with the rest of the coffee counter you will find some gift bundles we have put together for the online shop. These range from a simple selection box of three of our favourite coffees, to a grinder set that sets up the lucky beneficiary for a session of coffee goodness. There is also a gift card which makes a great last-minute email-friendly option.

We have recently revamped the way we do our subscriptions, details of which are available online. There are a number of different options from pre-paid to recurring, with options for roast colour, decaffeinated and espresso friendly. That’s the line up, the short list of coffees (we have plenty more options – see the list in the shops or online), chocolate from Loctoa, panettone from Ulcigrai, and coffee-related gear. Our Christmas hours are on the website – there is a special Monday opening in the mix – and we are good to go. Now all we need is a lockdown free Christmas and it is almost like some kind of normal.

Speaking of some kind of normal, we have an exciting project in the new year, keep a look out for the January and February newsletters to see what is the what.

And in the interim, have a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2022.

Monmouth x.