Our Coffees Alemayehu Daniel Miju

Alemayehu Daniel Miju
Alemayehu Daniel Miju

Dried berries and pear drops with funky acidity and syrupy body

We bought this lot from Alemayehu Daniel Miju through the Operation Cherry Red programme set up by Trabocca (trabocca.com – please see Tessema Edima). Alemayehu’s grandfather established the farm in 1946 planting it with coffee from Kochere. Alemayehu started running the farm in 1998. This coffee is processed using the Natural method – where the cherry is picked and then left out on raised platforms to sun-dry. The cherry is turned every few hours to ensure uniform drying and to prevent overfermentation or mould growth. The coffee reaches the ideal moisture level six to eight weeks after picking and then it is hulled and milled to remove the dried skin and parchment. A delicious natural process coffee is a tricky thing to get right, but coffee in Ethiopia has been processed this way for centuries (since coffee was first roasted and ground for brewing) and the farmers have generations of experience and tradition behind them.