Our Coffees Bello Horizonte

Bello Horizonte
Pedro Victor Obando Pascuaza

Damson and blackberry jam with medium acidity and juicy body

Bello Horizonte is the ninth coffee to arrive from our competition in Nariño. Pedro Victor Obando Pascuaza and Ana Alicia Rosero bought Bello Horizonte in 2003. They have planted 14,000 coffee trees since then including the Caturra which we have this year and some Castillo in another area of the farm. Ana Alicia is a prolific diarist and has details of every flowering, fertilizing, picking and harvest at Bello Horizonte. She has noted a gradual shift in flowering times over the years, with some of the younger plants ready for harvesting five months ahead of the normal time. They hope to prune the Caturra plants this year, upgrade their washing tank and install more drying beds.