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Finca El Fuerte
Fincas Los Rodríguez

Dried cherry, chocolate truffle, spicy acidity, sugar body, light to medium roast

Finca El Fuerte is one of Agricafe's farms in the Samaipata region. Agricafe ( is the processor and exporter we work with in Bolivia. They started their farm project to help develop the new coffee growing area in Samaipata. Agricafe have five farms in Samaipata in the Fincas Los Rodríguez project on which they are planting with Caturra, Bourbon and Gesha cultivars. This is the fourth year we have had coffee from El Fuerte and we are pleased with its caramelised-plum-like sweetness. The Samaipata region has great potential for specialty coffee but also has great challenges: the weather here has been unpredictable lately and they have had torrential rain coming through. This has caused landslides at El Fuerte and two hectares of coffee were lost this year. They will need to re-terrace the land, add more drainage channels and get some plants in to help with water control.