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Finca La Piragua
Alexander Vargas Osorio

Red grapes, raspberries, medium acidity, jammy body, medium roast

We have been buying coffee from La Piragua for six years now and selected this lot alongside the coffees from our competition in Huila last year. Alexander Vargas Osorio started working in coffee at a very young age. He was taken in by Octavio Rueda from El Mirador and given the opportunity to learn coffee growing and processing and earn an income along the way. Alexander then left Octavio's farm when he was eighteen and worked for his in-laws for a few years before buying La Piragua. Octavio continues to be his coffee mentor and is now godfather to one of his sons. Alexander is always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of his processing and quality of his coffee. In the last few years, Alexander has updated and extended his coffee drying area and system as well as carrying out extensive pruning. Traditionally in this area, coffee is dried under poly-tunnels which whilst protecting the coffee from rain can unfortunately sometimes cause the coffee to over-dry. Last year, Alexander made improvements to the cherry reception area of his micro-beneficio by extending the concrete floor and installing a roof. This means he can do a quality control check on the incoming cherry before it goes for pulping and fermentation.