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Decaffeinated Finca El Pastoral
Juan de Dios Castillo Arauz
Organic Certification

Molasses, dates, soft acidity, medium body, medium to dark roast

We chose this coffee from El Pastoral for decaffeination because its body and balance are crucial to producing a full‑flavoured decaffeinated coffee. We sent it for decaffeination to Descamex who use the Mountain Water Process. This is the second year we have bought coffee from El Pastoral and we are delighted to be using their non‑decaffeinated coffee in our Organic Espresso and to have this decaffeinated shipment available on the counter. Juan de Dios Castillo Arauz is an agronomist and worked on his father's farm before working at a local cooperative. Juan left his job in 2004 to fulfil a life‑long dream of having his own coffee farm; growing and processing coffee in his own way as he had imagined he could. The farm was already organic when he bought it and since taking over Juan has managed to triple his production by good management and control of the available shade. We look forward to visiting the farm again this year.