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Decaffeinated Lo Mejor de Nariño
Lo Mejor de Nariño Winners

Molasses, caramelised citrus, soft acidity, medium body, medium to dark roast

Over the last few years, we have enlarged our competition in Nariño to include our requirements for decaffeinated coffee for the next few months. Coffees were selected and were then sent to Mexico for decaffeination by Descamex using the Mountain Water Process. The coffee is then re-bagged and sent on to us. This year we haven’t been able to hold our competition and have relied on farmers who have a direct allocation (we buy their coffee based on a contract in parallel to our competition) to deliver coffee to us. This group of farmers deliver all their allocation and then we split the coffees into single farm lots for our counter, a blend for our Monmouth Espresso, and a blend for this decaffeination. We have seven farmers contributing to this lot: Diana Burbano, Lucio Delgado, Ezequiel Castillo, Bibiana Mena, María Amada Guerrero, Isaac Pérez Burbano, Martha Cecilia Galviz. All the farmers received the premiums associated with our usual competition. We really hope to get back there in 2021!