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Ecoffee Cup have been making reusable coffee cups since 2014, with the aim to reduce the number of takeaway cups that end up in landfill. Life cycle assessments generally estimate a reusable cup needs to be used between 5-10 times to break-even in terms of its net environmental impact.

We have chosen to stock these cups because they are similar in size to our takeaway cup and feel familiar – they are lightweight, easy to use and hold up to being tossed into a bag every day.

If your cup breaks or you no longer want to use it, send it back to Ecoffee Cup and they will recycle the components into new cups. Please see to read more about their end-of-life scheme, the materials they use and other interesting information.

8oz / 240ml
Wood fibre, corn starch, plant-based resin (cup)
Silicone (sleeve and lid)
Dishwasher and microwave safe