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Suke Quto
Tesfaye Bekele
Organic Certification

Mixed peel, jasmine, bright acidity, fresh body, light roast

Suke Quto is an organic farm in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Tesfaye Bekele originally established a small farm, with five hectares planted with coffee and grown under an established forest canopy. The farm now has 221 hectares of coffee and another 150 small-holding farmers deliver their coffee to the farm for processing. The small-holding farmers started planting coffee with the help of Tesfaye after a bushfire in the area. Tesfaye distributed coffee seeds to the farmers after the fire and helped re-establish the shade-tree forest in the area. Suke Quto is a great example of a farm working with an importer ( to lift the quality of their coffee and improve the livelihoods of the smaller farmers around them. Importers and brokers are often derided as 'middlemen' in coffee supply chains, but without companies like Trabocca, we wouldn't have access to Suke Quto and Tesfaye wouldn't have access to the international specialty market where premiums are paid for quality coffee and support is given for improvement.