Our Coffees Fazenda Alta Vista

Fazenda Alta Vista
Robson Vilela

Cocoa and praline with low acidity and syrupy body - dark roast

Each year we travel to Brasil to taste and select coffees from Carmo Coffee - the exporters we work with in Carmo de Minas. We tasted this lot from Alta Vista and were delighted with its sweetness and caramel-like body. Robson Vilela bought Alta Vista in 2001, after retiring from his dentistry practice. Robson had his practice for 25 years and it was always his ambition to retire to a farm and grow coffee. Robson planted two varietals; Yellow CatuaĆ­ and Yellow Bourbon which are both prized for their clarity and sweetness. The coffee trees are protected from the sun and occasional strong winds by the banana crop which provides an additional income to the farm. The farm also has a small lake with carp, tilapia and trout for the family and farm workers. Robson has recently increased the farm to 200ha of coffee and has been planting more cultivars including two hybrids - Icatu and Arara. Over the last year Robson has finished refurbishing the old farm house and turned it into a coffee tasting laboratory and office for the farm. He has also been experimenting with anaerobic fermentation which is a way of removing the fruity pulp from the coffee cherry in the absence of oxygen. We will start to see more coffees processed using this method over the next few years.