Our Coffees Fazenda do Sertão

Fazenda do Sertão
Nazareth Dias Pereira

Toasted brazil nuts and dark chocolate with low acidity and full body - dark roast

Fazenda do Sertão is owned by Nazareth Dias Pereira and is managed by her extended family. The farm has approximately 330 hectares planted with a variety of coffee cultivars and an additional 520 hectares with native forest and grazing for Girolando cattle. The farm is located in the heart of Carmo de Minas and this has become prime territory for both coffee and dairy farming. Grupo do Sertão is recognised world-wide in both industries. The Girolando is a mix of the Dutch Holstein Friesian and the Indian Gir which makes a breed that is suited to both milk and meat production in a hot climate. The farm also produces corn and soya. In the last few years Nazareth and her son Francisco Isidro Dias Pereira have made improvements to the drying patios and equipment. Francisco is also experimenting with a more radical pruning technique called zafra zero, where the lateral branches of the coffee tree are cut back close to the main trunk. This means there will be a year without a crop as the tree establishes new growth and then a larger crop the following year. Please see carmocoffees.com.br for more information about Sertão and photos of the coffee processing.