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Fazenda IP
Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Senior

Cocoa and brazil nuts with low acidity and full body

Isidro Pereira (IP) bought this farm in 1967 and his son Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Senior started working with him after finishing his agriculture and farming studies. Together they bought more land in 1974 and the farm grew from the original 140 hectares to 720 hectares. Isidro Pereira is a pioneer in coffee growing in Carmo de Minas, and one of the leaders of what has become a coffee growing dynasty in this area of Brasil. His grandson, Luiz Paulo (Junior) is a farmer in his own right, and a founding partner in the exporting company Carmo Coffee. Fazenda IP is now managed by Grupo Sertão, an organisation set up to help with the family farms.