Et Cetera Filter Cones

Filter Cones
Japan / China

We sell three filter cones, all of which we think make a lovely coffee. Our white ceramic cones (available in two sizes, small and large) are made for us by Kenji in Japan. We visited the workshop a couple of years ago and were amazed to see all the cones cast and finished by hand.

The difference between the small and large ceramic cone is purely personal preference; both are intended to be used for a single-cup filter coffee. We like the small one for use at home because it balances nicely on a smaller cup but the larger ones are what we use in our shop to make every filter coffee - we think they both work really well.

Our black plastic Melita cones (produced in China) are excellent for travel or office use.

Small ceramic 9cmØ, 7 cm tall
Large ceramic 11cmØ, 9cm tall
Plastic 10cmØ, 8cm tall

If you need papers to go with your filter cone, you can find them in our filter papers page

Please note, our cones are a different shape to the Hario V60 and they won’t fit the Hario papers (and vice versa, the papers we sell won’t work too well in a Hario filter cone).