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Finca Abisinia
Helio Córdoba Quinayas

Cherries and currants with bright acidity and fresh body – medium roast

Finca Abisinia is the latest coffee to arrive from the competition we held in Huila, Colombia. We hold annual competitions in Huila and Nariño and we are delighted with the new coffees arriving from our latest event in Huila. During the competition we invite farmers to submit samples and we then spend four weeks hulling, sample roasting and tasting the coffees, culminating with a presentation and award ceremony. The premium paid to all the winners helps to pay off mortgages, build new houses and invest in farm maintenance and equipment. Helio Córdoba Quinayas was taught coffee growing by his father and his grandfather and has been a coffee farmer since he was sixteen. Helio’s grandfather named the farm Abisinia and it was left to Helio and his brother Fidencio when their father died twenty years ago. Both brothers have six hectares of land each and until the last ten years they worked, processed and sold their coffees separately. As they have gotten a bit older they now combine forces and have focussed on a smaller part of their farm to concentrate on delivery of the best quality coffee they can grow and process.