Our Coffees Finca Balvanera

Finca Balvanera
José Yepes

Red currants and stone fruit with medium to bright acidity and juicy body - medium roast

Finca Balvanera is one of the first coffees to arrive from our competition in Nariño this year (see Galeras). José Yepes is the husband of Aida Rosa Trejos of Villa Rosa. Of the two of them it was José who first became interested in growing coffee. José grew up in Potosí, Nariño but due to some difficult circumstances lived in Putumayo during secondary school where he worked at a local dairy farm before and after school. He then worked in a hardware shop in Pasto for five years while he saved for a taxi. Once while driving for a living, he took some coffee farmers to a course about coffee growing taught by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia - the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation. He had nothing to do but wait while the course was on, so he asked the teacher if he could sit in on the class and came back from that day in Caldas knowing that he wanted to be a coffee farmer. That was in 1974. José bought Balvanera very soon afterwards. These days both Aida Rosa and José are taking it a bit easier and will take some time for holidays to see their family and friends and participate in their local and national specialty coffee events. It has been a difficult time for both with some health issues and their eldest daughter, Magaly, is now with them to help with the farms and in the house. With this year’s premium, they have bought a small parchment remover (trilladora). Removing the parchment cover around the bean is the last step before roasting and with this equipment they are now able to roast more of their own coffee at home.