Our Coffees Finca Buenos Aires

Finca Buenos Aires
Roiman Cortez

Guava juice and heather honey with medium acidity and body

Buenos Aires will be the eighth coffee to arrive from our competition in Nariño last year. Roiman has been growing coffee for thirty years and also has crops of avocado, green beans and citrus. This year he has made improvements to his wet-mill area and drying patio. Drying and transportation are Roiman's key challenges over the next few years as Samaniego is a four and half-hour drive from Pasto, the nearest town for delivery to coffee buyers and the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (the Colombian Coffee Grower's Federation). The Federation is an important part of the internal market as they buy all qualities but importantly also act as a buyer of last resort. Last year, Roiman was elected as a representative in the Federation’s Samaniego Regional Coffee Farmers Committee. Elections in which only coffee farmers can stand and vote are held every two years. This is an important position in the community as the representative is the link between the Federation and the coffee growers in the area. Roiman’s two sons will be helping him on the farm during this time.