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Finca Deimar
Lucia Mamani & Humbeto Vilca

Macadamia and muscovado sugar with citrus acidity and creamy body - light to medium roast

Lucia Mamani has been a member of Agricafe's ( Sol de Mañana program since 2014.The program provides agricultural and market assistance to farmers in the Caranavi region, providing agronomy training to help increase the quantity and quality of coffee from the area. The emphasis is on the quality of the coffee foremost. Increased plant nutrition, better pruning practices, and precise harvesting, all lead to an improvement in coffee quality for which the farmers receive a higher premium. These factors also naturally lead to an increase in productivity, so the farmers benefit from the program on both fronts. This year Lucia Mamani and Humberto Vilca have had help from their extended family to bring the harvest in and process. During the lockdown they all helped each other as there were no seasonal pickers coming through the area. Getting harvests in during COVID-19 lockdowns has been a challenge across all farms in all areas.