Our Coffees Finca El Arcangel

Finca El Arcangel
Fincas Los Rodríguez

Dates and maple syrup with medium acidity and creamy body - light to medium roast

Finca El Arcangel is one of the farms owned by the Rodríguez family. Pedro Rodríguez established Agricafe to help process and improve coffee in Bolivia and to get that coffee to the specialty market. El Arcangel is part of the Fincas Rodríguez project where farms are planted and managed according to the latest agronomic practices. These farms are used as teaching aids where other farmers can visit and learn about coffee agronomy and harvesting techniques. El Arcangel was planted with Red and Yellow Caturra in 2015, both variations have adapted well to the local environment and climate. Bolivia will be one of the first countries to complete a harvest during the pandemic and Agricafe have established new health and safety measures including cohort working and face masks to protect the farmers, pickers, and their families. Please visit agricafe.com.bo to learn more about their history and their projects.