Our Coffees Finca El Cielo

Finca El Cielo
Celia Condori

Butterscotch and light citrus with soft acidity and medium to creamy body

Celia Condori bought El Cielo (The Sky) in 2011. The farm was offered for sale by one of her colleagues at Agricafe (agricafe.com.bo) where Celia used to work. She is now a full-time coffee farmer with two farms and is part of Agricafe's Sol de MaƱana program. The program provides agricultural and market assistance to farmers in the Caranavi region with the aim to provide farmers with agronomy training and help increase the quantity and quality of coffee from this area. The coffee industry is struggling in Bolivia with commodity prices much lower than more lucrative and problematic crops. Agricafe is helping to increase the quality of the coffee from these farms which in turn command much higher prices on the international market.