Our Coffees Finca El Paraiso

Finca El Paraiso
Braulino Exequiel Hernández

Damson and blackberry jam with medium acidity and juicy body

El Paraiso is the seventh coffee to arrive from the competition we held with the help of the exporters we work with in Nariño, Colombia last year. We hold annual competitions in Huila and Nariño and we are delighted with the new coffees arriving. During the competition we invite farmers to submit samples and then we spend a few weeks hulling, sample roasting and tasting all the coffees, culminating with a presentation and award ceremony. The premium paid to all the winners helps to pay off mortgages, build new houses and invest in farm maintenance and equipment. El Paraiso is a young farm, planted in 2011 with Caturra, Castillo and Colombia. Braulino Exequiel Hernández and Aura Delia Manchabajoy live at the farm and manage El Paraiso and another farm, El Mandarino, with the help of their daughter Leonela. Coffee is their main source of income, however all of the farms in this area will be growing produce for the house such as guamo, plantain, banana, lemon and oranges. The taller trees provide the coffee with shade which is important in some areas of coffee production. The coffee cherry can ripen too quickly with too much sun and there can be a danger of sunburn on the trees. Shade is carefully managed on all farms and will often be another source of income, whether it be from fruit trees or timber. The taller trees also provide a more diverse environment which benefits the soil and migratory birds that come through the region. This year Braulino would like to expand the space in which he dries coffee and make some improvements to his micro-beneficio.