Our Coffees Finca El Pastoral

Finca El Pastoral
Juan de Dios Castillo Arauz
Organic Certification

Caramelised pecans and cocoa with low to medium acidity and medium to full body

This lot from Finca El Pastoral is exactly the same coffee as our Decaffeinated El Pastoral, but not decaffeinated. Having the two coffees on the counter at the same time gives us an opportunity to taste the effect decaffeination makes to the flavour. Juan de Dios processed this lot using the traditional washed method and it was then sent to Sebaco, a small town with an extensive area where coffees are dried. As Sebaco is much lower in altitude than El Pastoral and its neighbouring farms, it is a lot flatter and dryer making it an ideal location for drying washed process coffees. From November to March every year there is not a single flat surface that does not have coffee drying on it. Getting the crop harvested, processed and organised for shipment has been challenging this year. Juan de Dios's patience and determination has enabled him to ship his coffee and prepare for the new harvest starting at the beginning of January. And despite this year’s nationwide unrest, he has also managed to continue with new planting on the farm.