Our Coffees Finca El Plan

Finca El Plan
Nidia Adriana Morales López

Fresh plums and tangerines with medium to bright acidity and medium body

Doña Nidia has been growing coffee at El Plan since 2012. Nidia and her brother Alfredo Morales run El Plan together and over the last seven years have been slowly converting the farm from onion and pulses to coffee. El Plan is the sixth coffee to arrive from our competition in Nariño. With the premium from this year's competition, Nidia is going to continue to improve her coffee-drying facilities. The coffee at El Plan is dried in small poly-tunnels which allow the coffee to dry under protection from rain and high humidity. The conditions within the poly-tunnels are monitored and the sides are opened or closed to allow more or less air-flow over the coffee. Drying coffee is an important part of the processing which can be over-looked or rushed in an effort to get the coffee to market. Too slow, and the coffee can start to mould and go through an unwanted secondary fermentation; too fast and the coffee will lose flavour potential and start to taste aged before its time. Depending on the micro-climate, coffee can take about a week to ten days to dry to a humidity level appropriate for dry-milling.