Our Coffees Finca El Troje

Finca El Troje
Juan Diego Males Romero

Cranberries and grapes with fresh acidity and medium to juicy body

Finca El Troje will be the fourth coffee to arrive from our competition in Nariño this year. Juan Diego and Maria Elena started El Troje in 2010 and live on the farm with their three children. Juan Diego grew up on a larger property in Funes and learned agricultural practices from his father who managed it. When the owner died, he and his father established their own farms close to each other and together they have entered our competition three times now. Juan Diego manages the property and the plantation at El Troje while Maria Elena takes care of the processing and drying. Their micro-beneficio and fermentation tanks are kept incredibly clean and both believe that the key to achieving the potential in their coffee is dependent on immaculate processing and drying conditions. In the last few years they have installed a small irrigation system for the coffee which has helped through the recent drought. Unfortunately, they have also had some problems with Coffee Rust Disease (see Malacara) like other farms in the area and are having to prune some trees very hard to stop it spreading. They also grow coriander for seeds, mandarins, oranges, corn, yucca, plantain and granadilla - maximising all available growing spaces on the three-hectare farm.