Our Coffees Finca La Florida

Finca La Florida
Luis Carlos Erazo

Red currants and clover honey with medium acidity and medium body - medium roast

Luis Carlos Erazo has had a winning lot in our Huila competition since 2014. Luis Carlos has been farming coffee for over 30 years and also grows yuca, banana and corn for his family and for the local markets. There are three cultivars used on the farm and this lot is a blend of all three. For the area, La Florida is considered to be a small farm with 2.5 hectares planted with coffee. All of the coffee is processed using the washed method and then dried on elbas which are flat areas under the roof of the house that is exposed to the sun when the roof is retracted. This year, Luis Carlos is planning to upgrade his wet mill. This will include new pulping equipment and tanks and will help during the harvest to process the coffee efficiently which should increase the amount of high-quality coffee produced.