Our Coffees Finca La Granja

Finca La Granja
Ezequiel Macario Castillo Erazo

Tropical fruit and caramel with medium to bright acidity and medium to full body - medium roast

Finca La Granja is the third coffee to arrive from the competition we held in Nariño, Colombia this year. We hold annual competitions in Huila and Nariño and we are delighted with the new coffees arriving from our latest event in Nariño. During the competition we invite farmers to submit samples and we then spend four weeks hulling, sample roasting and tasting all the coffees, culminating with a presentation and award ceremony. The premium paid to all the winners helps to pay off mortgages, build new houses and invest in farm maintenance and equipment. Ezequiel Macario Castillo Erazo and Nelly Diaz have participated in our event for the last four years and been part of the winning group for the last three. Ezequiel heard about the competition from his family (his sister owns Finca Alto Grande) who suggested he prepare a lot for entry. Being part of the winners’ group has meant that they have been able to upgrade their processing and drying areas, and make plans to build a house at the farm in the next few years.