Our Coffees Finca La Llama

Finca La Llama
Fincas Los Rodríguez

Dried fruit and plum pudding with boozy acidity and medium body - medium roast

Finca La Llama is one of the Fincas Los Rodríguez farms managed by Agricafe. The Caturra varietal was originally found in Brasil in the 1910s, it was a natural mutation from the Bourbon that was planted extensively there. Caturra is shorter than Bourbon and can be planted more densely than other varietals due to its height and branch length. It is also very productive and is widely planted in Central and some parts of South America. We have just had the Java varietal from this farm which was full of spice notes reminiscent of coffees from Indonesia, the Caturra has more dried fruit notes but retains the boozy acidity associated with natural process.