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Finca Las Alasitas
Fincas Los Rodríguez

Dried peaches and pear drops with boozy acidity and syrupy body - light to medium roast

Finca Las Alasitas is owned and operated by Agricafe who realised in 2012 that for them to continue to process and market coffee they would need to increase their supply of coffee cherry. Unfortunately, coffee production in Bolivia has been on the decline for several years now as the internal market prices, coupled with more lucrative trade in other crops, has seen several farmers abandon coffee. Agricafe started growing coffee at Finca Las Alasitas just a few years ago and planted Java, Gesha and Caturra cultivars. They are operating the farm using agricultural best practice to show other farmers in the area what is possible and how to increase their crop quantity and quality and therefore their incomes. Please visit to learn more about their story and their projects.