Our Coffees Finca Los Cabécares

Finca Los Cabécares
Pompilio Heriberto Marín Piedra

Blood orange marmalade with medium acidity and medium to juicy body

Finca Los Cabécares was established by Pompilio's parents in the 1920s and over the years it has been uncertified organic, certified organic, and is now both uncertified and no longer organic. Pompilio Heriberto and his son Heriberto Marín have had a terrible time on the farm over the last few years and they have worked incredibly hard to keep the farm in production. A few years ago, the farm was devastated by Roya (Coffee Leaf Rust), a fungus which attacks the leaves of the trees, leaving the trees unable to photosynthesise and develop a crop. The fungus can move quickly through a plantation and the trees often die as a result. During this time, Pompilio wasn’t able to maintain his organic certification as none of the permitted herbicides or extra fertilizers were effective or even affordable. In order to halt the disease and re-establish the farm they have had to use uncertified methods and have therefore lost their certification. They have also lost 90% of their farm’s productivity. Now, Pompilio and Heriberto are concentrating on rejuvenating one small section of the farm at a time. It is slow going. We feel fortunate to have a very small lot of the crop they were able to produce from the most recent harvest.