Our Coffees Finca San José

Finca San José
Miguel Angel Pismag Cuatusmal

Red plums and caramel with medium acidity and medium body

San José will be the fifth coffee to arrive from the competition we held with the help of the exporters we work with in Nariño, Colombia last year. We hold annual competitions in Huila and Nariño and we are delighted with the new coffees arriving. During the competition we invite farmers to submit samples and then we spend a few weeks hulling, sample roasting and tasting all the coffees, culminating with a presentation and award ceremony. The premium paid to all the winners helps to pay off mortgages, build new houses and invest in farm maintenance and equipment. Miguel Angel has been growing coffee since 2008, previously he grew beans and corn for the local markets. The farm has 5000 trees and a micro-beneficio and water tank for processing the coffee (see Karii). Miguel Angel bought Caturra seedlings from a neighbour and this year he is warming up to prune the trees for the first time. Regular pruning helps to keep the shape of the tree manageable for harvesting and maintain fruit quantities. Miguel Angel's trees haven’t been pruned yet and are getting unwieldy to handle during picking and are beginning to lag a little in crop quantity.