Our Coffees Finca Telia – Herbazú

Finca Telia – Herbazú
Antonio Barrantes

Quince jelly and sugared apple with tangy acidity and juicy body

Herbazú was at the forefront of the micro-mill revolution in Costa Rica during the early 2000s. Dissatisfied with the low prices at that time, José Antonio Barrantes Zuñiga (Toño) and his brothers and sisters established the Herbazú mill. Processing their own coffee helped them to achieve higher prices by selling directly to the exporters and coffee buyers. The alternative at the time was to sell to local cooperatives where their coffee was mixed with others and traceability back to their farms and therefore premiums associated with their higher quality was lost. This lot is from Finca Telia - one of the newly planted farms in Herbazú group. The Barrantes siblings continue to innovate in the industry in Costa Rica; they are one of the first mills to actively distinguish grades of mechanical washed (white to red honey) processing, and in the last few years they have been planting cultivars new to Costa Rica. This year, Toño has bought a roaster and is now roasting coffee from Herbazú and neighbouring farms.