Our Coffees Kassa Kebed Kayesso

Kassa Kebed Kayesso
Kassa Kebed Kayesso

Cantaloupe melon and dried strawberries with juicy acidity and sugary body - light roast

We bought this lot from Kassa Kebed Kayesso through the Operation Cherry Red programme set up by Trabocca (trabocca.com). Kassa Kebed Kayesso grew up on his family’s farm and they have been farming coffee for as long as they can remember. Traditionally the coffee was left to grow in a semi-wild state, being pruned and fertilized occasionally but the family lacked the help and knowledge to develop the farm to increase crop size and quality. Kassa Kebed Kayesso studied Business Management at Alsfa University and returned home to increase the productivity and the income from the farm. He joined the NIB Primary Cooperative and learnt agronomy techniques and sustainable composting.