Our Coffees Finca Las Lajas

Finca Las Lajas
Familia Chacón
Organic Certification

Pear-drops and bubblegum with funky acidity and syrupy body - light roast

The natural method is the most simple way to process coffee cherry but very difficult to perfect. Fortunately Francisca and Oscar are experienced and dedicated farmers and they have produced another delicious natural coffee this year - full of juicy fruit flavours. Perfectly ripe cherry is selected specifically for this lot of coffee and then spread onto screens to dry for a few days. The drying cherry requires constant attention to make sure that it is losing moisture evenly and slowly. If the cherry dries too quickly the beans can be damaged, but it must also be protected from rain and high humidity as water-damage can lead to problems in the cup as well. When all the care and attention pays off, the end cup of coffee is an interesting mix of ripe fruit flavours and intense sweetness. Francisca and Oscar have been experimenting with perfecting their natural process (which they call Perla Negra) for some years now. They usually select cherry from a specific area of the farm which has a particularly full and even maturation. They have also been experimenting with the types of screens they use to dry the cherry including the colour of the material used to cover the cherries overnight and also the optimum amount of drying time. This obviously changes every year depending on the quality and quantity of the harvest. All of their experiments are correlated with how the coffee tastes once it has been roasted and cupped, so that any improvements that are made can be repeated next year.