Our Coffees Ndaroini AA

Ndaroini AA
Ndaroini Coffee Ltd

Damson plum jam and sweet spice with medium acidity and juicy body - medium roast

We are excited to have this coffee from Ndaroini on our counters and available for sampling. Ndaroini represents a more transparent and open way of coffee trading in Kenya and this first shipment is the result of Ndaroini taking a chance on a different way of doing things and the support from Trabocca. Trabocca have been instrumental in securing high quality and traceable coffee in Ethiopia and they have now started working in a similar way in Kenya. The Ndaroini coffee processing station was established in 1984 when the farmers, frustrated by the long journey to their closest station, proposed to the society to which they belonged a new facility closer to their farms. The government at the time intervened and granted Ndaroini the right to build their own station and allocated them some land on which to build. This was their first revolution against the established way of doing things. The second came much more recently when they split from their coffee society and formed their own company through which they can now process and market their coffee independently. Trabocca have helped with agronomy training, new equipment for the processing and delivering the premium warranted by the quality of coffee Ndaroini are delivering. Trabocca have also managed to garner the support from roasters around the world for the project and we are pleased to be one of the buyers for this year's crop. Please see trabocca.com for more information about Ndaroini and the work they are doing to help improve coffee quality and traceability.