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Finca El Morito
Familia Flores Chilcón

Red grapes, sugarcane, plum acidity, juicy body, medium roast

Finca El Morito is a new farm for us this year and we’re pleased to have it on the counter and ready to go. We were approached by a new importer who are specialising in Peruvian coffees with samples from this year’s crop and this coffee really stood out on the tasting table with its juiciness and clarity of flavour. Finca El Morito is owned and run by the Flores Chilcón Family. Mum and Dad team Sara Chilcón Rojas and Faustino Flores moved to El Diamante area in 2009 and started with a two-hectare farm. Their son, David, became interested in specialty coffee in 2016 when he delivered three sacks of coffee to a local coop and was paid a premium for the good quality. David was very curious and obviously pleased and wanted to find out more - he told us that this was the day his pursuit for quality started. David spent some time in the laboratory at the coop and saw the sample roasting and cupping and learnt about varietals and specialty coffee. He went back to his family and shared what he saw and since then the family have been on a mission to grow the best coffee in Peru. They have been learning everything they can about coffee, have changed their farming methods, built a better pulping station and are now drying on beds under canopy. In 2018 the family entered the Peru Cup of Excellence competition and finished in 20th place; they were thrilled. Word has spread amongst the extended family and there are now eleven hectares in production with a range of cultivars being planted and several different experiments happening. We’re grateful to for bringing this fantastic coffee to our table and will be very pleased to be able to visit David and the family once we’re allowed out and about again.