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Finca Tinajay
Dominga Sagarvinaga & Leoncio Campos Orellana

Peach and apple pie, juicy acidity, medium body, medium roast

Finca Tinajay is the second Peruvian lot we have this season; it is grown by Dominga Sagarvinaga and her husband Leoncio Campos Orellana. The farm is in the Valle Paurán valley in the village of Pumabamba, Huancayo province. Valle Paurán is a relatively new coffee region, known for its corn and pulse production. Traditionally in Peru, coffee has been grown in the northern provinces of Cajamarca and San Ignacio; in recent years other regions such as Valle Paurán, Cuzco, and Puno have become known for their potential to produce exceptional coffees. Dominga and Leoncio started growing coffee in 2000 and since 2018 have been members of ­­the Asociación de agricultores del Valle Paurán which is an association focusing on improving the quality of coffee grown by its members. Alongside coffee Dominga and Leoncio grow cherimoya, loquat, tamarillo, guava, plantain, beans, and avocados. The farm is planted with 90% Typica and 10% Bourbon varietals at an average altitude of 2200 metres above sea level. We’re grateful to for bringing another fantastic coffee to us and will be very pleased to be able to visit Dominga and Leoncio once we’re allowed out and about again.