Our Coffees Shifo

Gizaw Alemayehu

Candied bergamot and black tea with lively acidity and sparkly body

We bought this lot from Gizaw Alemayehu through the Operation Cherry Red programme established by Trabocca (trabocca.com). Trabocca have been instrumental in developing the structures for traceable, great-tasting and sustainable coffee trading in Ethiopia. Gizaw grew up on his father’s coffee farm in Konga Kebele. From a young age, along with his brothers, Gizaw helped his father with the coffee and other crops on the farm. Together they set up a washing station in 2017 and have started to export their coffee using the Ethiopian Exchange system. On the farm they also grow false banana and cabbage. False banana is an extremely handy plant and has many uses including starch for bread, feed for animals and shade for coffee. It is the staple crop in Ethiopia and will become more important world-wide as it is generally hardy and productive in a wide variety of climates.