Our Coffees Tessema Edima

Tessema Edima
Tessema Edima

Bergamot and lychee tea with lively acidity and sparkly body

We bought this lot from Tessema Edima through the Operation Cherry Red programme and auction platform set up by Trabocca (trabocca.com). Trabocca have been instrumental in developing the structures for traceable, great-tasting and sustainable coffee trading in Ethiopia. The Operation Cherry Red auction showcases some of the amazing coffees Ethiopia has to offer using the newly created regulations that permit small-holder farmers to sell their coffee directly. This is a fundamental development in coffee in Ethiopia and we are delighted to be bringing in four lots from the auction. Tessema Edima started working in coffee from an early age and grows false banana for the local markets as well as coffee. He remembers helping his father and his uncles pick coffee from small patches of land around the local area. The coffee here grows in an almost semi-wild state with little interference or management.