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Finca La Llama
Fincas Los Rodríguez

Dried mango, spice, tropical acidity, syrupy body, light to medium roast

Finca La Llama is one of the Fincas Los Rodríguez farms managed by Agricafe. The Java varietal originally comes from old Ethiopian coffee stock which was introduced to the island of Java by the Dutch in the early 19th century. From there it travelled to Costa Rica via Cameroon and it was in Cameroon that its hardiness to Coffee Berry Disease was first observed. Java is commercially grown in Nicaragua, Panama and now Bolivia. It is being promoted in Central and South America for its tolerance to coffee tree diseases and its interesting, floral cup profile. We are excited to have this coffee on our counter; the cultivar's characteristics and the natural process have combined to give an extraordinary cup profile, full of spice and tropical fruits. The team at Fincas Los Rodríguez have decided to make some significant changes to Finca La Llama this year including a radical removal of some coffee trees to all more light into the fields along with a heavy prune and shape of the shade trees.