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Finca San Isidro
Alirio Aguilera Ospina

Poached plums, caramel, medium acidity, syrupy body, medium roast

Alirio Aguilera Ospina has produced another outstanding coffee this year. We tasted this year's crop during our competition in Huila (see Finca El Mirador) and because of Alirio's repeated success in our event we have bought this coffee separately. This means that Alirio receives the same premium as the competition winners and we are guaranteed a larger amount of coffee than the standard competition entry. Finca San Isidro is a fairly small farm with eight of its eight and a half hectares planted with coffee. Alirio has worked hard over the years to get his farm to this size, buying bits and pieces of land around his farm as they have become available. In Colombia there are two harvest seasons, the main crop from October to December and the Mitaca (fly crop) from May to July. These two crops originate from two separate flowering times. Finca San Isidro and in the rest of Huila in general follows this harvesting calendar. Along with coffee, San Isidro produces plantain, mandarins and trout from a pond built next to his house. One of his proudest moments in coffee farming was winning the Cup of Excellence Colombia North competition in 2013.