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Finca Chico
Francisco (Chico) Rojas Camacho

Seville orange marmalade, bright acidity, juicy body, medium roast

Finca Chico is a tiny (two hectare) farm south of San José in Costa Rica. The farm was a parcel of land given to Francisco Rojas Camacho by his parents. Francisco planted El Chico twenty years ago with coffee and avocado. There was some concern at the time that because of the high altitude (1800m) there would be a risk of frost, but as the local climate has gotten a little warmer the likelihood of extreme lower temperatures has declined. The coffee trees have survived and are doing well, but sadly less than ten percent of the survives. Francisco uses every square inch of his two hectares, if there is a little space then something is planted in it – he has an established vegetable garden, as well as peach, plantain and chilli growing. Over the last year Chico has been preparing the land at the highest point on his farm, some 2000m. He has cleared the pasture and prepared the soil by planting red and black pinto beans. The bean crop is a staple in Costa Rica, helps to fix nitrogen into the soil, and as the plants break down at the end of the harvest there is a nice layer of mulch to get further nutrients into the soil. Chico is now starting to plant a small section of Catiguá MG2 on a small plot of land close to his house. Catiguá MG2 is a hybrid of Yellow Catuaí and a Timor hybrid. It was developed in Minas Gerais, Brazil and is considered more resistant than other cultivars to roya and nemotodes. Farms in Central America have struggled with both problems in recent years and this varietal is touted as a good choice in susceptible areas. We look forward to trying it!