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Finca El Cedral
Luis Gerardo Monge

Tamarillo, clover honey, fresh acidity, medium body, light to medium roast

  • 3 bags of Monmouth coffee 250g, 500g and 1kg available to buy online.
Finca El Cedral is in El Cedral de Aserrí at an altitude of 1820 meters. This is high altitude for growing coffee in this part of Costa Rica and the farm is very steep. Because the land is so steep Don Luis Gerardo Monge has been working over the last few years to terrace the coffee growing area to help prevent soil erosion. Topsoil is very valuable, and every effort is made to preserve it. The topsoil layer isn’t particularly deep, but it is where most of the activity in the soil takes place. Organic matter is broken down into nutrients which help feed the trees and reduce the need for commercial fertilizers. The layer also helps keep moisture in the soil. Farmers are always trying to find ways to keep this layer robust and healthy as it can make all the difference in the longer-term stability of the farm. Over the next while Don Luis is going to remove some of the less productive and dying coffee trees and replace them with a relatively new varietal – Catigua MG2. Catigua MG2 is a hybrid of Hibrido de Timor and Yellow Catuaí. It was developed in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and approved for use in Costa Rica in 2017. The main benefits of the new cultivar are its resistance to Roya (a fungus which attacks the leaves and stops the tree from photosynthesizing) and resistance to unfriendly nematodes (tiny parasites that attack the plant’s roots). There are a lot of nasties from which a coffee tree must defend itself!