Our Coffees Finca Santa Catalina

Finca Santa Catalina
Pedro Echeverría and Manuel Echeverría

Candied oranges and chocolate with medium acidity and caramel body

The Echeverría brothers own and manage Santa Catalina. They have 95 hectares, 70 of which are planted with coffee and the remaining 25 are a forest reserve close to the Acatenango volcano. The altitude on the farm ranges from 1550m to 2100m. The higher slopes are planted with Bourbon and the comparatively lower areas with the other cultivars: Caturra, Catuaí and Pache. The two coffees in this shipment come from the Caturra and Bourbon. Bourbon is an early ripener and planting it at the higher altitude with the correspondingly cooler temperatures slows its maturation down considerably. This means all of the farm's coffee ripens at approximately the same time making it easier to harvest the crop. During the harvest the cultivars and plots are kept separate all the way through the picking, processing and drying. The harvests are then tasted and either kept as individual lots or blended together. This year Pedro and Manuel have just completed a long-standing project of digging a well. The well has been dug to provide drinking water and irrigation for the farm in an extreme drought. It has been a complex and lengthy undertaking, but this will be the first year that they won’t have to truck water in for the farm workers for the harvest season.