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Thiriku Coffee Growers Coop Society Ltd

Redcurrants, plum jam, fresh acidity, juicy body, medium roast

Thiriku Coffee Growers Coop Society is a group of 1770 small-holding farmers in Nyeri. Frustrated by the conventional way coffee is traded in Kenya, the Coop approached Trabocca a couple of years ago in the hopes of developing a partnership. Trabocca have been instrumental in securing high quality and traceable coffee in Ethiopia and are now working in a similar way in Kenya. Coffee in Kenya has long been traded through an auction system where the bigger participants in the market have an advantage and many farmers and buyers are prevented from opportunities for real partnership and collaboration. Trabocca are seeking to disrupt this and align farmers and buyers in pursuit of higher quality coffee with the associated premiums reaching the farmers and the Coop, benefitting all involved. Trabocca have helped with agronomy training, advice on processing, and delivering the premium warranted by the quality of coffee Thiriku are delivering. Trabocca have also managed to garner the support from roasters around the world for their project and we are pleased to be one of the buyers for this year's crop. See for more information about the work they are doing to help improve coffee quality and traceability.